The concept of a head up display (HUD) originated in fighter planes and has slowly made its way into the modern automobile. Thankfully, you don’t have to go out and buy a new vehicle to get the latest in HUD technology. All you need is our simple HUD plug and play device, that is specially designed to project important information (e.g vehicle speed) onto the front windshield.

When you are driving you need to keep your eyes on the road, and have as little distractions as possible. Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds at 50km/h means you will travel for 27 meters effectively blind. Having one of these HUD’s in your vehicle helps prevent this, by allowing you to monitor speeds and other information, without shifting your line of sight.

Head up display features 5.5″ screen with a high-definition display, automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, auto power on and off (when vehicle started or shutdown). And displays speed, time, distance traveled, driving direction, driving distance, speed warning and more. This plug and play unit automatically adapts to any vehicle.

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