Hi-Flo Snorkels


“A snorkel kit is an ideal addition to any 4wd vehicle.”

  • Heavy duty linear low density polyethylene construction.
  • Modified for high UV and puncture resistance.
  • Drainage outlets on the Air ram intake head act to disperse water and dust that may enter your engine.
  • Roto-moulded specifically for the above mentioned models, allowing for easy fitting and the best seals against water and dust possible.
  • Kits include high quality Nylock nuts which are made to last and will not vibrate lose.


12 months warranty

We know our snorkels, will stand the test of time. However, for extra peace of mind, all our kits come with a 12 month warranty.

Our Products





“Our Hi-Flow snorkel kit’s increase the air intake more efficiently than other makes on the market. And also reduce fuel consumption. Not to mention, is an essential item for those river crossings.”

All kits come with


  • Air ram intake head
  • LLDPE Snorkel
  • Flexible Snorkel to “existing vehicle intake” joining pipe
  • Stainless Steel intake head and ducting clamps
  • All mounting studs, screws, washers, clips, nuts & brackets
  • Nylock Nuts
  • Fitting template